Episode 2

While in Berlin I was talking with Spider and I got recruited to be on this cd comp. So solid is my thought as I send over some tunes and then Episode 2 appears sometime later on Plan B Recordings. Nine tunes from various producers that continues to explore the deep ranging; from ambient to techno with much darkness in between. Another underground solution for people searching for dance music that skews hard left or right depending on your point of view. Enough of my opinion and let’s get down to the musical facts through sounds:

Global Purification – Spider Bites///We begin the journey with a seemingly beatless tune. A loop into much reverb and delay as a synth line flickers slowly over the top of the beat. Much deepness prevails as the percussion filters up and reaches into your subconscious.

Chemical Skies – DJ Spider///Comes in hard as the synth line rides with quick notes. Much percussion happens in the back ground as the tune slowly builds to a faster pace. Percussion becomes the focal point on par with the acid line as time progresses.

Syncroncity – Dakinin9///Growling percussion loops sound, as a bass line shuffles through time. The percussion becomes more intense as the feeling of the ambiance creeps into you psyche.

ES2 – Hakim Murphy///Sparse percussion begins, movement with the bassline and hitting synth. Claps strike as the snare ride out a little later in time. The bassline keeps moving freely and passes to the synth line and back again. It is ES2.

Chaotic Elements – Chris Mitchell///Hard sonics sound as a synth note drones and gets heavy. Syncopating chords gain momentum as a low bass tone oscillates in the background. The percussion continues to build as all the elements slowly morph up and down.

All Set – Mauser///Going hard on the beat, begins with classic Mauser progression into a breakbeat type dance tune that very much is house. There are various stabs with filtered horn sounds. All this introduces the bass line as the elements strike quicker and quicker until the end.

4est – Takenawa///Percussion and sound effects begin the tune that progresses into a head bopping beat. The bass line gives a latin feel as the shakers slowly keep attention. More layers build as the birds chirp and the sound effects sound. Picks up even more later in time, very nice rhythm here.

Edge of Infinity – Phil Moffa///Beefy sounds begin as the kick bangs, nice loop action going on to lead into the a full frequency tune via the bass line. The hi hats and shakers move around as a chord moves over top the bass line. Beefy sounds and shuffling percussion move until the end.

Oscillation 9 – Mindscraper///Lastly, the cd ends similarly to the way it started, deep and beatless. This time truly ambient as slow jet sounds ring out creating much white noise as voices and happenings appear that add depth to the track. Many layers of sounds come and go.

Episode 2 is building, re-arranging thought processes and brainwaves through raw, beating, and dark sound impulses.

Available at Plan B Recordings.

hakim murphy

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