Back in the Plan B Recordings mix, I get down on a various piece with the East Coast crew. Underground Sounds Vol.2 appears and it features the DJ Spider, Phil Moffa, Dakini9, and myself. Three tunes taking from CD Compilation 2013, coupled with an unreleased jam from Phil Moffa. Rolling tunes, perhaps Techno, but most definitely bangers born from urban sprawl. Many adjectives come to mind all that equate to super grimey beats that will rock needles and woofers.

DJ Spider – Chemical Skies///Comes in hard as the synth line rides with quick notes. Much percussion happens in the back ground as the tune slowly builds to a faster pace. Percussion becomes the focal point on par with the acid line as time progresses.

Phil Moffa – Place of Shadows///Moving rhythms, continuous movement and shuffling percussion permeate from the speakers. Beating, beating, and more beating; constant motion makes the head bob.

Dakini9 – Synchronicity///Growling percussion loops sound, as a bass line shuffles through time. The percussion becomes more intense as the feeling of the ambiance creeps into you psyche.

Hakim Murphy – ES2///Sparse percussion begins, movement with the bassline and hitting synth. Claps strike as the snare ride out a little later in time. The bassline keeps moving freely and passes to the synth line and back again. It is ES2.

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hakim murphy


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