I am back in the mix with a 12″ on Planet Detroit called Historicism EP. These tracks were waiting patiently to get out and now they have materialized. I picked this title because of the inherent nature of vinyl as each piece is a part of history. At the moment, rather moments a few years ago is presented here. Four different style tunes that represent a part of my various styles.

His.tor.i.cism: a theory all sociocultural phenomena are historically determined, that all truths are relative, that there are no absolute values, categories, or standards, and that the student of the past must enter into the mind and attitudes of past periods, accept their point of view, and avoid all intrusion of his own standards or preconceptions.

So with that being said let’s get to the sound samples:

Buoyancy///Deep chords reverb out as a bass line starts to keep balance of the rhythm. The floating turns into longing chords that wisp through the beat. Meanwhile the bass line dances around just to loop back to balancing bass line via the floating chords .

Izquierda Dos///Heavy bass stomps out the woofers as chords enter, and an synth line comes in with support from the percusion. Deeper the groove becomes when the second synth line comes in. Chords flow through the back as the bass leaves and enters, drum movement and synth lines continue a cohesive motion as time progresses.

RT1///Faster tempos move as the crunchy drums cluster. An bar acid line doubles and tripples as the track moves. Movement and radiation from the synth lines move between each other.

Creamsickle///Classic sounding 90’s drums move to accompany synth key work. Layers of sound build as the beat intensifies a bit. Bright chords go and introduce a b section. Back to the beginning short of like a swirl in a creamsickle.

Distributed by Crosstalk

Available at Juno

hakim murphy

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