PN19 appears, a various piece on Prime Number Records in which Modini, Nick Sinna, Luke Hess and myself supply the waveforms for the wax. I bless up the B side with the B1 track, meanwhile Luke Hess gets down with a dub of the Nick Sinna tune as the B2 track. I cannot say I am familiar with A side artists Modini or Nick Sinna, but when a projects come together, knowledge is gained as I continue through my musical journey of releasing tunes. Furthermore, I always seem to have an unspoken way of understanding other artists when I hear their music, and this 12” proves to be very diverse and I am happy to contribute to the Prime Numbers sound.

The label put together a nice one sheet:

Prime Numbers are back with the next in their compiled EP series, once again selecting new tracks from producers who inspire & represent the sound of the label. This time it’s a diverse outing, dwelling on the dubbier, more subtle side of things.

The release starts with Modini, following on from their excellent Turk EP for Dixon Basement Jams here they flip the script.‘Attack Warning’ fuses new wave & nubeat styles with an almost ZTT-like sensibility. It’s big, bold & direct with chopped vocal samples, an acidic bottom line & rock hard snares.

Nick Sinna returns to the label with ‘Come Again’, a brooding piece with a distinctly UK feel. Various drum sounds are dexterously melded into a restrained afro tinged rhythmic workout. Luke Hess brings his own take to the track stripping back & tightening the elements whilst washing it in a Detroit solution for a more intense overall feel.

Finally Hakim Murphy drops ‘Synth Work’. Fantastically understated & ethereal the track draws you in with padded kicks, floating bleeps & squelched bass.


Available at:



Vinyl Underground

hakim murphy

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