Hakim Murphy & Daniela La Luz - Volcarized EP
Hakim Murphy & Daniela La Luz - Volcarized EP

Hakim Murphy & Daniela La Luz join forces for a vinyl project on Rawax. Four tracks that represent the little Volca analog synthesizers, hence the Volcarized EP. Two tracks from the collaboration and one from each of artist that funk and explore what can be done with the little boxes. Crunchy analog sounds ring from the speakers causing some sudden body moments. Acid to Techno to abstract but still House.

Daniela La Luz – Beautiful Deflector///The record starts with percussion and a catchy acid line that subtly tweaks, leading to a melody line and another synth line that creates a great counter point. Many changes take place as a third synth part is added and the kick drops out then comes in harder as the percussion continues its liquid motion.

Rhythm Seeker///A faster tune begins with a plethora of running synths line that are modulating and weaving in between each other. The percussion follows in the same manner with much motion to dizzying effect. The kick drops out and reverb comes in to add depth as the tune continues to change complexion while the synths continue to chase each other until its completion.

Emocoder///The B side begins with a synth tone as the break beat comes in to wreck the woofers. The melody plays in the background and as the rim takes the attention, a four on the floor beat drops while the synths speak. Meanwhile, the percussion keeps moving around causing great emotive feel with crunchy textures.

Hakim Murphy – People///Ending this project is a jam that starts with delaying chords and percussion that leads into an acid line followed by a melody line. Concurrently, the chords are sounding in the background and as time progresses the sounds change volume causing vortexes in your ear drum.

Distributed by DBH

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