Skudge White 003


1000 Light Years of Acid House
1000 Light Years of Acid House

Innerspace Halflife continues its space theme by creating tunes that bend the definition of acid house. This presentation comes in the form of a 12″ EP titled “1000 Light Years of Acid” on Skudge White. Sounds are sometimes electro but very tough and even though the acid line may not be a classic tb-303 but still holds the same sway and feeling. The evolution of acid is what we are trying to represent here. Prose from the the one sheet:

Hailing from Chicago, the latest entry from our new Skudge White series sees Innerspace Halflife venture into some of house and techno’s eeriest realms.

When Ike Release and Hakim Murphy joined forces sometime last year, we immediately thought that their very own cosmic take on jackin’ house would be a perfect fit for our label, and boy did they deliver!

We won’t bore you with any further description of those four tracks, but we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the modernity and lushness of what the boys’ve been cooking us!

Now lets get to the sound samples:

A1.Electric Gaze///A bumping arpreggiated synth line starts this track with some classic Innerspace Halflife drums. As the reverb flares in and out of the synth, emotive chords is the presentation for the rolling toms and neo acid line. The percussion picks up as the acid line does it thing and we come full circle to the chords and synths. This is how we kick off the first tune on the 12″.

A2.Plastique Acid///Massive kicks begin, as ambiants floats in the background, the acid line subtly changes and changes as the percussion picks up. Moving forward and arpeggio floats in to add depth to the track. Cowbell comes in to join for a moment as the arpeggio fades in and out, more percussion rolls as the acid line lives.

B1.Exosuit///Moving percussion introduces the acid line. The growling finely moves as toms roll in the background introduces the cathedralesque chords. This sounds goes on while the drums move around subconsciously. The energy continues as the synth line disappears and the chords take full lead over the track, just to drop back into the growling acid line.

B2.Dogstarr///We end this journey with pulsing kicks and moving percussion. Long introduction for the dj types as some droning strings sound. Crunchy drums sound as a synth stab floats by through out the middle of a phrase. Shimmering synth lines come in to take over the lead while the bumping staccato drum patterns move around to finish the tune.

Distributed by Rush Hour.

Press @ Juno Plus announcement, Juno Plus preview

Hakim Murphy

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