SPIDERemix project 2011

When DJ Spider asked me to get down on his remix project, I was like, “Which track?” So I picked this tune with a sick chord progression and went to work. The remix materialized, I submit it and later get an email with an web address to hear the entire project. It is clear to me that everyone of the remixers brought a unique and driving vibe to this cd. The home of this cd is from New York label; Sublevel Sounds, curated by Spider himself that will also feature albums from his aliases: Kuru, Spider Bites, and Alarma! Enough prose, let’s check the sounds of this 9 track, grooving-technoesque/deep house adventure:

Crack Factory – Hakim Murphy Remix///I begin the tune with a re-take on Spider’s chord progression that funks, flies, and moves as the percussion slowly infiltrates your nervous system through soundwaves.

Misanthropy – Kuru Remix///Snaps as two personalities of the same mind intermingle with each and create a gritty chunky piece. Surreal as the atmosphere overtakes you, meanwhile the chords get emotive as some strong words await at the end of this tune.

Symophonic Witchery – Dakini9 Remix///Eerie backgrounds appear, creeping along and suddenly some bouncing chords hit… Later old propaganda words come to fruition as the background noise gets louder and deeper as more keys join in the mix.

The Empty Tomb – DJ Aakmael Remix///Decides to come out hard with a pumping chord progression in the low register followed by some subtle strings that make the track super deep. The percussion moves and the track continues to groove and groove.

S O S – Steve Frisco Remix///The mood, off the bat is melancholy as some words begin and persist through most of the tune.  Deep chords drone as the beat propels forward into time.

Slaves To The Ancients – Amir Alexander Remix///Yeah, the track starts of moving with some droning notes and bassline hits that quickly opens up into a nice chord progression with some trippy atmosphere to fill up the track.  Hypnotic sounds then take over as the track grows and matures.

Mysterious Structures – Area Remix///Lush chunky sounds start and soon after; thick tones appear that brighten up the beat. Then suddenly more notes appear along with a sweet and bubbly melody line that transforms the track into a beautiful sounding waveform.

Marduk – Doc Link Remix///Percussion rides as sound effects and tone begin to come out of the murky depths. The track moves with an afro-latin feel, which is augmented by the bassline. Deep house at its finest from Doc Link as he builds the rest of the track with stabbing synth parts.

The Tower – LAAK Remix///Ending this cornucopia of tunes is a deep track that moves, sounding incredibly analog as the kick drum is full and the bass is fat. Synth lines appear and re-appear with less is more drum programing, suddenly, you begin to bounce your head.

Lush; is this remix project, I say… Good look Spider, Kuru is up next…

hakim murphy

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