Kuru Remix Project
ss004 side A
Kuru Remix Project
ss004 side B

Once again Innerspace Halflife reports for remix duty, this time for an alias of DJ Spider from Plan B Recordings named Kuru titled “Remix Project 2012” on Sublevel Sounds. This vinyl contains remixes from Dakini9, Monty Luke, Joey Anderson, and Innerspace Halflife. Orignal Kuru album located here as a cd, transformed into vinyl interpretations; from underneath the abyss comes four tracks that offer different sounds to rip the party. Enough prose, let’s get to the sounds:

Draconian Hybrids///Dakini9 begins with drums and atmosphere as the slow motion tempo sinks in. Chords and pads ring out while the bass sporadically bumps. Much emotion here as the songs inspires deep thoughts.

House Cannibal///Monty Luke holds down the next tune with a faster banger that features shuffling high hats to introduce an neo acid line. Another synth line is added to as the back beat continues to grove.

Black Moon Lilith///Joey Anderson begins the b side with spinkles of hat percussion that quickly turns into a metamorphic blob of synths. Bassline portamento prevails as a quiet synth line moves over the top to introduce melody line after melody line.

Mobius Strip///Innerspace Halflife closes the project with a fast paced remix that is packed with rhythm and atmospheric effects. Chords begin, then bass with acid lines sprinkled in to help spice up the melee of sounds.

Available at:

Piccadilly Record



Groove Distribution

Word and Sound

Chemical Records

hakim murphy

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