Word, DJ Spider is at it again with the remix project that I was on back in 2011. You can check the prose here. So now half of the remixes have made it to vinyl for Sublevel Sounds and I am glad that my remix made the cut. Four tunes with distinctly different flavors rain out to make a nice various remix project, though slightly order but still sounding fresh; Sublevel Sounds presents DJ Spider Remix Project 2.0:

Crack Factory (Hakim Murphy Remix)///I begin the tune with a re-take on Spider’s chord progression that funks, flies, and moves as the percussion slowly infiltrates your nervous system through soundwaves.

S O S (Steve Frisco Remix)///The mood, off the bat is melancholy as some words begin and persist through most of the tune.  Deep chords drone as the beat propels forward into time.

Symophonic Witchery (Dakini9 Remix)///Eerie backgrounds appear, creeping along and suddenly some bouncing chords hit… Later old propaganda words come to fruition as the background noise gets louder and deeper as more keys join in the mix.

The Empty Tomb (DJ Aakmael Remix)///Decides to come out hard with a pumping chord progression in the low register followed by some subtle strings that make the track super deep. The percussion moves and the track continues to groove and groove.

Distributed by DNP

Available at:


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