5.25.09synapsis003 side A

synapsis003 side B
synapsis003 B side

All right, all right new vinyl straight from the streets of Chicago through Team Synapsis.  Synapsis003 is arriving with some gems that brings unique flavor via four Chicago producers.  Timeless Chicago EP ranges from acid to deep featuring:

Hakim Murphy, one half of Team Synapsis, leads off side A with an acid jam called “Dem Shits Shinobi”.  Inspired by the Anime show Naruto, the track continues to move and develop like the character.  This subtle Chicago style track features old school Yamaha drums with some sweet oscillating synths equaling the Acid sound.  House and Techno heads will enjoy this tune.

G. Marcell is up next with “Yeah Dat Tu”.  Jacking Chicago House track period; that starts with a syncopated synth line that opens up into a beautiful chord progression.  The bass line is heavy and augments the chord progression very nicely.  Previously out digitally on Bearatone Recordings but Team Synapsis loved the track so much that we had to license it for a vinyl project.

Avondale Music Society, the other half of Team Synapsis, leads off the B side with “Skid”.  This bass heavy track parlays into a quarky synth line that brings back memories of the mid ’90’s House scene.  In typical Avondale Music Society style the tracks proceeds in a calculating way that makes you want dance.  The leopard growl takes you by surprise and when it is finished the track drops and you begin to dance again.

Mauser continues the plethora of goodness with “Leger De Main”.  This track bumps as Mauser employs his skills as the Jack Orchestra in which he obtains classical sounding arrangements with Acid instruments.  To get the full effect, one just has to listen to sound sample as it demonstratively explains for itself.  Originally appearing as a digital release called Jack Pulse EP (synapsis002), however this track is such a banger that Team Synapsis had to get it on wax.

Each track of this EP brings the various aspects of Chicago style to life: New school, Acid, Jack, House…  The sound of these tracks transcend time and thus the name “Timeless Chicago” is born.