Timeless Chicago

This digital version of Timeless Chicago features the two jacks from Team Synapsis; Hakim Murphy and Inbum Cho.  This release offers two digital tracks that was not on the vinyl.  We wanted to make the digital version extra special as we move Synapsis records forward into the digital age.  These tracks further show the diversity of the Synapsis crew.  You can check out the vinyl piece here.

Hakim Murphy in “Sands of Time” programs the Emu drums and string synths that begins this journey of perpetual slippage to the future.  Is the hour-glass materializing?  The track’s melody moves and then the chords become DEEP with the pulsing kick drum stuttering on the and of 1.

Dem Shits Shinobi: Verbage located here, taking from the vinyl.

Avondale Music Society in “Hot Air” is going hard with this funky appregiated melody that has a quality bass line to boot. The percussion moves forward as a pad introduces the musical concept.  The four bar idea builds and builds until you are lost in the groove.  This track is a solid banger.

Skid: Verbage located here, taking from the vinyl.


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