Murph Tone Jack Session II is on deck as it took a moment to come but the last 4 tunes in the album get released. The first part of the project can be heard here:

These last 4 tunes presenting in this 12″ are the more emotive pieces to the Murph Tone Jack Session. One acid and three deep tracks that can be used as dj tools or enjoyed as full compositions. Sounds are below:

a1.Jbonanza///Moving from the beginning, the closed hi hats picks up steam as the claps strike. The bubblegum sounding acid line drops to lead you along. Toms drop as the acid line slows to add the vortex of sonic motion.

a2.Chicago Head///A kick drum and ambiance begin a story about how society treats people backed by some moving percussion that leads into a elongated bass line and space chords.

b1.Tender B///A droning chord begins with spacey and wet waveforms that continue to evolve while percussion sparsely sounds to keep the track moving. Deep house.

b2.Gestation///Ends this project with a driving bass line, bouncing percussion, and longing chords that continually switch focus throughout time – integrated with soul, machines, and effects. The chords move around and speak more emotively as a swell of feeling ends the vinyl.

Glad that this album could come to light, I wanted to put this on a double vinyl but at last in two parts in any case. Look for the Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes coming in the winter of 2013 on 12″ with Chicago Skyway, G. Marcell, Ike Release and Steven Tang.

Distributed by Crosstalk.

Review on Juno Plus.

Review on 5 Magazine.
Hakim Murphy

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