Wormhole Transmissions

Innerspace Halflife is transmitting waveforms to vinyl in the form of a double 12″ called “Wormhole Transmissions“. Five tunes that run through the never-ending cosmic palette of sounds. Deep through acid into plentiful electronic beats; that are full of melodies, long strings, growling acid lines, and emotive feelings. Grabbing inspiration from everywhere possible and from the far reaches of the universe connecting to each other to make a coherent presentation through wormhole communications.

1. Orbital Contact///We start off the journey with crunchy beats and a booming synth, that proceeds into a cosmic bassline. The feel of travel goes as the synths evolve, and a melody line strikes.

2.Evolution///Dreamy, the second transmission begins with some chatter and hard beats. An arpeggio creeps in and builds up and leads us to a dirty bass line. Deep chords come in later as the bass line switches portraying an different feel.

3.Longing Isotopes//Longing synths begin as they call out to the kick drums. Slowly changes as the percussion builds. And suddenly a synth line drops as the percussion shuffles around. An arpeggio line begins later, all together, forms the third transmission.

4. Ghosteppin///Shuffled beats begin as the claps take focus and toms soon follow, we have started the fourth transmission. Acid lines with and tinge of electro creeps in. More synth appear in the background as the parts subtle change. The percussion thins as this tune fades into the netherworld and yet is brought back hard with the percussion.

5. Jacxks///Our transmissions end with a melancholy acid tune that begins with strings, as it moves the percussion quickly builds and an acid line swerves around getting crunchier and crunchier each as time passes. Then the melancholy feel comes back to finish off the tune.

Available in late April early May at:


Word and Sound






hakim murphy

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