syncro020 jacket
syncro020 jacket


I am back with a new collaboration project called Hardware Hustlerz. The team is composed of Specter and myself. We rocking a new 12″ titled Stack It Up Ep on Syncrophone Recordings. Using a plethora of hardware we present three tracks that present the jack, the Chicago ethos of deep danceable tracks. Let’s take an in-depth look at the three track project:

Silent Monk///Synth appregiations start and the down beat seems to continue to change. The hypnotic bass line is agumented with a slow chord progression that is joined by more texture. Droning Oh’s come out to intermix with sound pallete, deepness.

HAS1///Roland drums rock to begin the tune that into a monster bass line. Strings come over the top as the percussion move around. More synths come in to build up the beat. The melody is in the bass line that oscillates throughout, supported by a flurry of synth sounds. The big jack.

HAS2///Ending this project are chords and string movement. A bass line comes in as the percussion slowly builds up. Toms begin to take the lead, as the tracks move forward. An emotive chord adds some emotion, giving the track an electric feel.


All analog right here, hence Hardware Hustlerz.

Available at:




Rush Hour

Red Eye


DJ Shop

Groove Distribution

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