02.05.19 Dream Scoring is a project between HEAR and I that started in 2016, which saw us release our first 12" Images of a Myth on HEAR’s Naissance Musik. Now more than two years later we present a remix project from the above EP. HEAR enlisted a plethora of producers that vary our sound, Wareika, Amir Alexander,… Continue reading NM-03


9.12.11 Number 006 is materializing from Amir Alexander, who presents a deep project called Interdimensional Transit EP. Moving through the worm hole, a track materializes at each stop offering emotive tunes that pull at your senses. Alexander shows off his skills as you travel into four different universes encompassed within four House yet Techno musical adventures.… Continue reading mdreams006

Sonic Subversion

10/19/10 Ah yes, I have prepared a special segment featuring my friend and mastering guy Amir Alexander. Definitely making some moves, and case in point with this new digital release from Plan B entitled Sonic Subversion EP. I'll let Amir elaborate on himself and this release. Amir what up homie? Hakim my man, at the… Continue reading Sonic Subversion