1.5.14 Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes have come up, I was planning to do a remix vinyl for at least a year. And finally the opportunity came up for me to get four reinterpretations from Chicago producers Chicago Skyway, G. Marcell, Ike Release, and Steven Tang. Their contributions expand the Jack Session with deep and… Continue reading synapsis-009

Innerspace Halflife Tour early 2013

5.7.13 It has been a minute since I have updated this space with a post, but I had to decompress from the EU trip. Overall the trip consisted of seven countries in little under two months. I rocked dj sets and live PAs as Innerspace Halflife. In the previous post Stockholm was rocked, so now… Continue reading Innerspace Halflife Tour early 2013

Innerspace Halflife Live PA Session on RTS.FM

1.31.13 2013 starting strong with solo releases and of course the collobaration live PA as Innerspace Halflife. As we improvise and bang out some tunes on the three machines we get ready to take this show on the road. So, ah, yeah Innerspace Halflife Live PA for 90 minutes. hakim murphy

Innerspace Halflife Live PA

1.14.13 This is the first post from 2013 and I would like to say this year is lining up to be better than 2012. Many new things happening with my solo career and as Innerspace Halflife. I would like to present the first of many Live PA's coming from Innerspace Halflife as a Modyfier podcast.… Continue reading Innerspace Halflife Live PA

Dance Duo Innerspace Halflife goes old school

12.12.12 In advance to the first Innerspace Halflife show at Smartbar on December 15th for Hugo Ball, a nice little article appears courtesy of Time Out Magazine that discusses some of our philosophies and techniques on music making and presentation. The article can be read here. Shouts out to Jason Robinette for taking the photos,… Continue reading Dance Duo Innerspace Halflife goes old school