mdreams006 side A

mdreams006 side A

mdreams006 side B

mdreams006 side B

Number 006 is materializing from Amir Alexander, who presents a deep project called Interdimensional Transit EP. Moving through the worm hole, a track materializes at each stop offering emotive tunes that pull at your senses. Alexander shows off his skills as you travel into four different universes encompassed within four House yet Techno musical adventures.

White Rhino (deep down beat down)///Begins the journey with an up tempo banger in which the bass syncopates ever so nicely. A message about the White Rhino ensues quickly and more synths come to take you on a space age trip.

Transcend///Smooth synth line with a deep kick; leads us to gritty yet soft pads that build and build as vision of stars are created by waveforms.

Deep Within///Bassline and melodies blare out as the beat pulsates, and out of no where a voice comes up from deep within the darkness.

The Abyss///Ending the journey is a super deep tunes that relaxes your mind, as you go deeper and deeper with the bassline, chords, and vocals…

Four tunes to bang… More about Amir here:

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