JTC - Creep Acid

J.T.C. - Creep acid

Seriously J.T.C. aka Tadd Mullinix is continuing to drop much heat throughout his career as his new album called Creep Acid on Nation adds to his legend. J.T.C. homage to using retro-machines results in a timeless sounding work because these tunes sound fresh and new. Technology is great but I really do appreciate producers who still can rock with analog gear and conceive new tracks from the machines of the past. I have a serious love for acid tracks and for that matter experimental tunes. So when I got wind of this full length album, I took immediate interest.

Creep Acid is rich and full of texture and life as the analog synths are creatively blended together. Usually it’s hard to find a acid house album that I want to listen through from beginning to end but J.T.C.’s acid lines, synth work, and effect processing continue to stay interesting. Meanwhile his drum programming is never predictable, which compels me more to listen to this album in its entirety. Check the clips here and get a taste:

01 Creep Syringe Diffuses Malligant Agression is a slow tune that rocks with solid drum programing and interludes with some serious synth work. This track is perfect for beatdown sessions.

02 8163264 To The Edge Of Panic is a landscape of random notes on overdrive that I consider on the space age tip; very trippy indeed.

03 Jacques’ Razor moves with a nasty synth line that speaks a story through a wobbly narrative that echos and builds into a solid banger.

04 Infinite Formula is deep, dark, and heavy and guaranteed to rock dance floors across the world as the synth line moves subtly while the flurry of additional lines continuously transform.

05 Cyrptomnesiac Deadly Trainers pulsates as soundscapes are replaced by 303 lines and then back again.

06 Creep Acid as the title track goes on a ride of very un-easy emotion, that surprise you with nasty 4 on the floor beat deep within the psyche of J.T.C.

07 Mahmoud’s Industrial Bath is another beatdown, banger that present some deep words that are audio enough to effect your psyche.

08 Relentless Order is moving as the synth lines pump, the syncopated claps is a mainstay in the track and the snare programming is nice.

09 DOM FM: Devil Mix is a totally possessed tune that is very static and moves your mind into an insane state. Super fast and meant to test your sound resolve.

Yeah Creep Acid is definitely for my record collection. J.T.C. is an expert sound architect and is helping to define a genre called JakBeat championed by Traxx and Nation.

hakim murphy