05.02.2019 It’s been a minute since the last Machining Dreams release, however I have come with an album. It is called Beatsmith. Really it is a retrospective project as this album was made several years ago. Now is the time to present these tunes to the world. All produced in a two period sometime in… Continue reading mdreamsdigi001

Innerspace Halflife Live PA Session on RTS.FM

1.31.13 2013 starting strong with solo releases and of course the collobaration live PA as Innerspace Halflife. As we improvise and bang out some tunes on the three machines we get ready to take this show on the road. So, ah, yeah Innerspace Halflife Live PA for 90 minutes. hakim murphy


10.5.12 009 materializing, this time from G. Marcell titled Sound Extravagance EP. Five musical compositions that are firmly rooted in Chicago but offer much variety to the romanticized concept. G. Marcell's beats hold true to his home town production ethos with sampling, beating arrangement, and spoken word. This aforementioned variety in sound brings great depth… Continue reading mdreams009


4.10.12 007 appears as a nasty, crunchy vinyl that will be smashing woofers at a beatdown pace. Alarma! who is an alias of DJ Spider brings out a socially conscious two track single that explores the violent imagery of modern society through beats. Taking from the album Escrito Con Sangre, this excerpt offers two glimpses… Continue reading mdreams007


9.12.11 Number 006 is materializing from Amir Alexander, who presents a deep project called Interdimensional Transit EP. Moving through the worm hole, a track materializes at each stop offering emotive tunes that pull at your senses. Alexander shows off his skills as you travel into four different universes encompassed within four House yet Techno musical adventures.… Continue reading mdreams006


11/12/10 Number 003... Keeping the hot vinyl press churning is the 3rd edition of Machining Dreams by way of the Relapse EP by Obsolete Music Technology. Following on the heels of "The Verged Sessions” on Aesthetic Audio and his track, “Past Virtue” from the various artists’ compilation, Generator: Broadcast In Hi-Tech on Generator Records, Steven… Continue reading mdreams003


9/3/2010 Materializing next is from the mind of Belgian producer Franco Cangelli. Techno tunes from oblivion transmitted into this dimension by Franco. Yes, expanding the palette of Machining Dreams' sound with some banging waveforms for your enjoyment. Cangelli delivers the Embrace EP, a 3-track deep techno release with sweet, elegant pads and chords crafted for… Continue reading mdreams002