Hakim Murphy - Beatsmith - mdreamsdigi001


It’s been a minute since the last Machining Dreams release, however I have come with an album. It is called Beatsmith. Really it is a retrospective project as this album was made several years ago. Now is the time to present these tunes to the world. All produced in a two period sometime in 2013 and will finally see the light of day. Many harmonies and rhythms protrude through speaker from my psyche, creating this LP presented here. There are nine tunes and three interludes for your listening pleasure. The nature is typical me, blurring the line between house and techno which work on the dance floor or sitting somewhere chilling. Digital only, the first Machining Dreams release to be like this is here for you:

Tears of Jack///We begin the journey with syncopated beats and an arpeggio. Futuristic in tone, the tune keeps evolving as more elements are added. Meanwhile the synth arp continues to modulate throughout the entire duration of the piece. Chords come in to add flavor to the mixture of elements. As well, the chord progression does not resolve until close to the end, which will reward and listener who chooses to stay throughout the 6:47.

Starship Prisms///More syncopated sounds here. A bass line and synth melody round out the elements until later when a melody comes in for a brief spell. The percussion is really driving, giving off the image of riding on a space ship through hyperspace.

Syncopated Movements///Bouncing rhythms that circulate around each other is the theme here. Percussion and chords strike first that leads a listener to a driving bass line. Notes in the high register start to vibrate giving the sound great diversity while the hats come in and pick up the pace. The pace is like bouncing up and down on a giant rubber ball while experiencing an barrage of tones.

Flowing Suns///Chords and sparse notes ring out introducing the rest of the tune. A bass line keeps the low register busy coupled with the continued chord progression running over the top. Modulating like sun flares, the chords keep the ear busy as the percussion changes, bringing the tune to life like suns do for planets.

Lullaby Beginnings///The first interlude happens with a melody with much delay from outer space.

Magic Rainfall///A deceptive breakbeat appears supported by an arpeggio line. Long notes ring out to fill up the spectrum that introduce chords and the driving bass line. Two arpeggio lines play with each other as the tune builds. The adventure takes a few turns and towards the end a chord progression comes in to add resolution. Like when one is skiing down a mountain and reaches the bottom safely.

Movements In Space///Bumping percussion drives the tune while chords and a bass line come in to cause more movement. Like the Marvel character ‘Juggernaut’, the track cannot be stopped once its starts. The sounds keep ringing from the entire spectrum causing one to shake their body eventually due to the swirling smoking tones.

Secret Melodies///Interlude number 2 is another melody that comes with much soul and delay too.

Damage Control///Another tune with bouncing effected percussion, this time however more of a chord progression from the outset. Sounding like a boxing match as the chords punch the bass line counter punches. The track continues to evolve as the journey continues with the modulating chords and percussion.

Machine Work///Syncopated percussion appears as a chord is sustained from time to time. From the outset the percussion is quite aggressive as the syncopated beats remain steady and a bit later a nice chord progression shows its head, but only for a bit before we return to the first section of the tune. Which reminds a listener of riding the train and seeing the same things in the landscape but then suddenly something catches your eye for a brief moment.

Transverse///The last interlude is an arpeggio from space that modulates like being dragged playfully through a wormhole.

Solar Winds///To end the excursion is deep house tune that features a chord progression as the main theme that swells up to introduce the bass line. The modulating chords continue to emote from the speakers as the percussions becomes more prevalent. A melody also comes in to add color and emotion, which is fitting for the end of the tune as the projected started aggressive and ends passive.

hakim murphy

Innerspace Halflife Live PA Session on RTS.FM


2013 starting strong with solo releases and of course the collobaration live PA as Innerspace Halflife. As we improvise and bang out some tunes on the three machines we get ready to take this show on the road. So, ah, yeah Innerspace Halflife Live PA for 90 minutes.

hakim murphy



Sound Extravagance EP


009 materializing, this time from G. Marcell titled Sound Extravagance EP. Five musical compositions that are firmly rooted in Chicago but offer much variety to the romanticized concept. G. Marcell’s beats hold true to his home town production ethos with sampling, beating arrangement, and spoken word. This aforementioned variety in sound brings great depth to this 12″. Judge for yourself as we get to the soundwaves:

Beatbr8ker///begins with lonely synth string arpeggios that lead into banging drum beats. Interesting movement is a constant as the arpeggiation continues to reinvent itself over and over like an acid line.

SubDivision///beating bassline and drums begin this journey. Marcell portrays great style in minimalist track arrangements as the samples offer the attention with relentless banging drums and bass.

2MinutePleasure///is an interlude that offers the filter sound of the 90’s.

She’s Fly (Lover Her Conversation Mix)///pulsating old beats begin as the bassline sounds in 12/4, spoken word is begun and piano melodies swirl around to make your head bounce.

UFuseDude///idiosyncratic melodies sound out as the drums move in the background. Droning pads ride underneath the surface as the bassline bounces with long notes.

Available at:


Machining Dreams



Alarma Stamp

mdreams007 A side

Mentiras Politico Side B

mdreams007 B side

007 appears as a nasty, crunchy vinyl that will be smashing woofers at a beatdown pace. Alarma! who is an alias of DJ Spider brings out a socially conscious two track single that explores the violent imagery of modern society through beats. Taking from the album Escrito Con Sangre, this excerpt offers two glimpses into the murky waters of Alarma! Crunchy keys and atmosphere dail up an emotive ride for people with the slower bio rhythms. Titled Mentiras Politico or in English Political Lies is designed to be very emotive and minimal while later becoming full of textures. Lots of thought went into the production, all with one goal in mind of informing the masses about the violence of contemporary society and the doings of governments decision to let corporations run the show as they poison the population. Clasificado and Declasificado are here for this instance meant to wake up the people, hence Alarma! is born on vinyl.

Clasificado!///Erie piano keys sounds but yet the melody continues to get sweeter as the delay runs. Crunchy atmosphere strikes like a rain storm as the beatdown journey moves forward for 10 minutes.

HR8791!///Moments from usual business in Congress.

Declasificado!///Staccato strings begin with fuzzy atmosphere that suddenly becomes lush chords, similar to its sibling tune on the A side, prepare for another 10 minute journey of beats, keys, and atmosphere.

Reptil!///Knowledge dropped about mammal and reptil hybrids


In stores April 21st!



mdreams006 side A

mdreams006 side A

mdreams006 side B

mdreams006 side B

Number 006 is materializing from Amir Alexander, who presents a deep project called Interdimensional Transit EP. Moving through the worm hole, a track materializes at each stop offering emotive tunes that pull at your senses. Alexander shows off his skills as you travel into four different universes encompassed within four House yet Techno musical adventures.

White Rhino (deep down beat down)///Begins the journey with an up tempo banger in which the bass syncopates ever so nicely. A message about the White Rhino ensues quickly and more synths come to take you on a space age trip.

Transcend///Smooth synth line with a deep kick; leads us to gritty yet soft pads that build and build as vision of stars are created by waveforms.

Deep Within///Bassline and melodies blare out as the beat pulsates, and out of no where a voice comes up from deep within the darkness.

The Abyss///Ending the journey is a super deep tunes that relaxes your mind, as you go deeper and deeper with the bassline, chords, and vocals…

Four tunes to bang… More about Amir here:

Available at:

Hakim Murphy


Obsolete Music Technology


Number 003… Keeping the hot vinyl press churning is the 3rd edition of Machining Dreams by way of the Relapse EP by Obsolete Music Technology. Following on the heels of “The Verged Sessions” on Aesthetic Audio and his track, “Past Virtue” from the various artists’ compilation, Generator: Broadcast In Hi-Tech on Generator Records, Steven Tang of Emphasis Recordings goes into “Relapse” through his alter ego on this brand new 12” release.

This 12” single expresses some serious Chicago mojo, in that the crafting of the tunes fits quite right into the ethos of the Windy City, but in Tang’s unique way, destroying any preconceived notions of what the “Chicago” sound is or was; depending on your point of view. Nevertheless, the music raises deep emotion, touching you subconsciously through his signature instrumentation of warm synth pads, lush strings, and rolling bass lines.

As the chosen pseudonym may suggest, obsolete (outdated) technology was used to create this music. Yet, “Relapse” sounds current and timeless at the same time. Can we really believe that ONLY old instruments were used to materialize this work? Frankly it is insane to believe, but being this insane is good; in that you are in bliss and cannot explain what happened upon your eardrums. Go forth into the world of Obsolete Music Technology and experience firsthand a classic sound circa 2010…

Relapse: acid lines and obsolete drums phase in and out with stellar drum patterns that make you bob your head, followed about a syncopated melody line materialized from a distant dimension.

Drum Relapse: in the remix, drums that can be used to rock the most underground of parties.

Latency: begins, grooves, and then the long whispers of slow pads that beget the title.

End Pass: space is the place as the strings uplift you and deliver you to the kick drum upon you start your decent into the dreamy abyss of toms, snares, rides, and hats.

Relapse again and again and again, you know you want to!

Distributed by:

Crosstalk International Chicago

650 W. Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60661




Franco Cangelli - Embrace EP


Materializing next is from the mind of Belgian producer Franco Cangelli. Techno tunes from oblivion transmitted into this dimension by Franco. Yes, expanding the palette of Machining Dreams’ sound with some banging waveforms for your enjoyment. Cangelli delivers the Embrace EP, a 3-track deep techno release with sweet, elegant pads and chords crafted for the deeper and intenser moments on the dance floor.

Embrace: is trippy and hypnotic, driven by throbbing beats, layers of gentle chord stabs and soothing atmospherics.

Search More: is slightly more introvert and melancholic Techno with lazy beats and acidic basslines. Something to sway both your mind and body to.

Wrecked in Beauty: is more on the house tip it combines deep basses, funkier drum parts with a slightly teasing chord theme.

Embrace the Belgian Techno…



Distributed by:

Crosstalk International Chicago

650 W. Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60661



Chymera (Connaisseur, Ovum)

Search More is an excellent deep track. Will find room for it in a future mix for sure!

Angel Molina

Thanks so much for this record, Detroit at its best. 3 good tracks, timeless, as usual from you. Can´t choose one of them. All my support to it.

Dario Zenker (Ilian Tape, Vakant, Time to Express)

Thanks again for the Promo. I totally love it! Will play and try to buy the Vinyl.

Mark Henning (Clink, Hypercolour)

Nice analogue goodness – b1 for me!

Duplex (Clone, Frantic Flowers)

Thanks for the nice promo. My favo is Search More. Wonderful and lazy, yet driving beats, nice atmosphere with beautiful strings and pads. I’ll def play it in one of my future sets.

Miles Sagnia (Atmospheric Existence, Aesthetic Audio)

Absolute quality, it has an integrity that for me is key!

Matt O’Brien (Offkey Industries)

Really digging this release mate. A side track is a beauty.

Perc (Perc Trax)

The B1 & B2 tracks are really good.

Esther Duijn (Nowar, Exquisite Music)

a1: highly hypnotic – techno as techno is meant to, a2 like the vibe in this track, very moody in a good way

Lerosa (Millions of Moments, Enclave, Uzuri, Real Soon, Ostgut Ton)

Embrace is definitely my favourite, I have used it a recent mix, a great techno groover. I like Wrecked in Beauty too, bit of a hint of chicago in those drums, will definitely play it soon 🙂

Steven Tang (Emphasis Recordings, Aesthetic Audio)

F. Cangelli offers a solid 3-tracker of banging mid-tempo, tech-house grooves. Dark, atmospheric strings and wobbly bass lines over 808/909 drum programming. Detroit futurism from Belgium! Will be working these tracks into my sets!




So the short but long road to the librarian profession is over, and I am now newly minted.  Now I am back to making tracks and expressing myself.  Today, the government has sold its people out to the concept of corporations.  Sad, however I had this cd of Malcom X speeches laying around and he talks about revolution. Here is my take on revolution with tones!

Seriously what has happened to the revolutionaries, obviously the government has become far to corrupt.  If someone gives you a million dollars are you really going to go against their wishes?  Western society is all about class warfare and Americans need to get off the racial things and actually try to make government work for the people.  Unfortunately this health care reform bill is no reform, but a give away to insurance companies.  Mandating that all Americans get healthcare; oh but don’t trip right, the government will give subsidies to individuals who can’t afford it.  What happens when the subsidies are gone; it’s fairly obvious that Republicans are going to campaign against this watered downed bill that they watered down.  I had hope, but obviously it is for not:

-bank giveaways

-insurance company giveaways

-half a trillion dollars a year for defense spending

-and 10 billion dollars a month on the two war fronts

So where are the real revolutionaries at?




It’s been a minute since I have updated Machining Dreams but I have been busy working on the school assignments.  Hey I can sacrifice 1.5 years for a career that can last for the rest of my life.  So many things have happened since the last update but now I’ll be sure to keep up though.

On the horizon there will be posts from some of my new releases and mixes.  I will also but interviewing a couple of dj/producers whom music I like.  There will also be some commentary and reviews about House music and or hot ass releases.  But what I do know is that life is short and with Internet technology publishing things are at everyone’s fingertips.

So I’m keeping it House…later.

Machining Dreams

Machining Dreams

I, Hakim Murphy welcome you to Machining Dreams. This blog space will dedicated to my music projects or better yet stated the dreams that I make into soundwaves. Located in this blog are the various one sheets and music samples.

I’ve been working hard on bringing the good House, Techno, and Acid to your ears. Check back often for I have many upcoming musical dreams materializing in 2008.

A 30 minute mix called Relax Sssh.

00:00//Orgue Electronique//Here I Come//Clone Records
03:08//Metro Area//Piña//Environ
06:59//Arch_Typ//Love In Slow Motion//Raw Fusion
10:54//Ame//ToNite (Dub Version)//Recreation Recordings
14:22//Professor Genius//Pegaso (Silver & Kane’s Roma mix)//Disques Sinthomme
17:16//Soho//Hot Music//Unknown
21:33//Professor Genius//Hot Dice//Italians Do It Better