So the short but long road to the librarian profession is over, and I am now newly minted.  Now I am back to making tracks and expressing myself.  Today, the government has sold its people out to the concept of corporations.  Sad, however I had this cd of Malcom X speeches laying around and he talks about revolution. Here is my take on revolution with tones!

Seriously what has happened to the revolutionaries, obviously the government has become far to corrupt.  If someone gives you a million dollars are you really going to go against their wishes?  Western society is all about class warfare and Americans need to get off the racial things and actually try to make government work for the people.  Unfortunately this health care reform bill is no reform, but a give away to insurance companies.  Mandating that all Americans get healthcare; oh but don’t trip right, the government will give subsidies to individuals who can’t afford it.  What happens when the subsidies are gone; it’s fairly obvious that Republicans are going to campaign against this watered downed bill that they watered down.  I had hope, but obviously it is for not:

-bank giveaways

-insurance company giveaways

-half a trillion dollars a year for defense spending

-and 10 billion dollars a month on the two war fronts

So where are the real revolutionaries at?




It’s been a minute since I have updated Machining Dreams but I have been busy working on the school assignments.  Hey I can sacrifice 1.5 years for a career that can last for the rest of my life.  So many things have happened since the last update but now I’ll be sure to keep up though.

On the horizon there will be posts from some of my new releases and mixes.  I will also but interviewing a couple of dj/producers whom music I like.  There will also be some commentary and reviews about House music and or hot ass releases.  But what I do know is that life is short and with Internet technology publishing things are at everyone’s fingertips.

So I’m keeping it House…later.

Machining Dreams

Machining Dreams

I, Hakim Murphy welcome you to Machining Dreams. This blog space will dedicated to my music projects or better yet stated the dreams that I make into soundwaves. Located in this blog are the various one sheets and music samples.

I’ve been working hard on bringing the good House, Techno, and Acid to your ears. Check back often for I have many upcoming musical dreams materializing in 2008.

A 30 minute mix called Relax Sssh.

00:00//Orgue Electronique//Here I Come//Clone Records
03:08//Metro Area//Piña//Environ
06:59//Arch_Typ//Love In Slow Motion//Raw Fusion
10:54//Ame//ToNite (Dub Version)//Recreation Recordings
14:22//Professor Genius//Pegaso (Silver & Kane’s Roma mix)//Disques Sinthomme
17:16//Soho//Hot Music//Unknown
21:33//Professor Genius//Hot Dice//Italians Do It Better