Andres III

mm28 A side

mm28 B Side

The last few blog posts have been featuring peeps and labels from the east coast. This time I am going to bring it back to the midwest but this time with a Detroit cat named Andres who has been tearing it up on vinyl since 1997. Andres III 12″ on Mahagani Music may not be in the underground (Moodymann’s label) but I think this record offers great music seemly composed with mostly samples on analog equipment. Andres production is quite stunning, though most of the tunes are short, they contain quite alot of sounds that transform ever so subtly. Usually I like to feature the bangers for djs but I guess I am bringing it to chill mode in August.

Furthermore, Andres’ name has passed me by for several years and after asking a couple of friends who follow him; I found out he is a stellar hip hop dj. So then this 12″ all makes sense being that all the tunes are mid to downtempo. Lately in my own productions I have been thinking about making music just for listening, and this is something that the Detroit cats in the electronic scene have been doing so well for some time. Making hot listening records and this 12″ is no different as Andres is offering up two Disco/House tracks and four Hip-Hop tunes that make for a solid 20 minutes of play time, let’s check the sounds:

Be Free Baby//Begins the journey with a hot Jazz inspired dance tune as a sweet piano rift builds into a nice grooving jam with a standard backbeat. Then ever so softly many new great sounds appear as the tune continues to grow until the very end.

We Run Tings//Begins with a dirty synth sound and some voices on the Hip-Hop tip as it transforms into a nice melody with some banging percussion. The voice becomes the main focus as Andres changes the flavor of the tune.

Baby//Andres funks it up with crazy loop re-triggering as he makes a new composition. Lots of things going on as the beat proceeds in great fashion. Words and soul right here!

Make it Last//Nice sample to open the tune as the main drums turns into a smooth transition of rhythms. A nice interlude of love thoughts and beats.

Don’t Fall In//Now back to the more uptempo sounds as the syncopating drums move as a great melody sounds and then there is a vocal that fits in perfect harmony.

Outta this Earth//The most jazziest tune on the release, banging hip hop all day with its aggressive drumming and skillfully triggered samples.

All in all I really enjoyed listening to this record and as I am a hip hop head. I really enjoyed the flow of this vinyl piece and Andres has completed a rare feet again by seamlessly integrating House, Disco, and Hip-Hop on one 12″. I guess Andres is what you call on the urban music tip.

hakim murphy