live, direct, and uncut


Yeah, fresh off a surreal experience. I’ve been meaning to make a post as they are building up and DEMF is right around the corner.  Now I formulated my plan and let’s go.

Ah, now we have a live PA from Jamal Moss whom makes tracks under his given name and all these psudoyms: Hieroglyphic Being, IAMTHATIAM, Jack FM, and The Sun God.


Banging the Box.

I worked at Groove Distribution for three years and Jamal would come in to submit releases and pick up records.  Over time, I got to know Jamal as I peeped out all the record from his labels Muzique Records and Mathematics Recordings.  Lots of unique and good music running around on these vinyl pieces…

When I got my hand on this live PA, I was like I got share this; the 67 minute journey is defined as Jack!  Just real-uncut-music.

So this PA is live; and happens  somewhere in Western Europe banged out with some drum machines.  Jamal takes you on an astroplane of banging drum patterns of beating rhythms.

Anyway, Jamal just creates music in his own way.  This PA has the feel of many of his records.

Also, check out this this track “The Long Road 2 Redemention”  from Jamal as IAMWHATIAM on The Invisible Children EP. / Fit Sound Detroit.