Alarma Stamp

mdreams007 A side

Mentiras Politico Side B

mdreams007 B side

007 appears as a nasty, crunchy vinyl that will be smashing woofers at a beatdown pace. Alarma! who is an alias of DJ Spider brings out a socially conscious two track single that explores the violent imagery of modern society through beats. Taking from the album Escrito Con Sangre, this excerpt offers two glimpses into the murky waters of Alarma! Crunchy keys and atmosphere dail up an emotive ride for people with the slower bio rhythms. Titled Mentiras Politico or in English Political Lies is designed to be very emotive and minimal while later becoming full of textures. Lots of thought went into the production, all with one goal in mind of informing the masses about the violence of contemporary society and the doings of governments decision to let corporations run the show as they poison the population. Clasificado and Declasificado are here for this instance meant to wake up the people, hence Alarma! is born on vinyl.

Clasificado!///Erie piano keys sounds but yet the melody continues to get sweeter as the delay runs. Crunchy atmosphere strikes like a rain storm as the beatdown journey moves forward for 10 minutes.

HR8791!///Moments from usual business in Congress.

Declasificado!///Staccato strings begin with fuzzy atmosphere that suddenly becomes lush chords, similar to its sibling tune on the A side, prepare for another 10 minute journey of beats, keys, and atmosphere.

Reptil!///Knowledge dropped about mammal and reptil hybrids


In stores April 21st!