The Sun God materializes some celestial beats into existence from the sun. Our sun is one of trillions in the universe and some say they are the evolution of souls. This alias by Jamal Moss continues to channel this energy into waveforms with a three track concept titled Root Frequencies Project. Tough tunes that channel beats, melodies, and rhythms that are typically celestial in nature. Sometimes harsh but always soulful and raw. That’s how we like it over here, so let’s get to the sound samples:

A1.Root Frequencies///Pulsating synths begin as crunchy drums roll on to support the flurry of melodies that appears. Polyphonic synths continue to rang as the arrangement develops and the percussion begins to pick up. There are much happenings in this tune as it runs for 13:00 minutes of crunchy textures.

B1.Memory Disruption///Jack mode in full effect, the tune starts in main swing as one synth is hitting on all the 16th notes within the beat. The drums are moving as that first synth falls into the background and a new string line appears to speak. The bassline comes in to complete the jack groove.

B2.Hashish///This last tune of the project which will definitely attack the senses. Vocals, flange, and toms are in the forefront as a b sections arrives with more percussion, more flange, and a distorted bass lick. Later variations of A and B patterns ring out as the song continues in this fashion with slightly more schizo-frantic movement until completion.

Distributed by Crosstalk.