Sound Extravagance EP


009 materializing, this time from G. Marcell titled Sound Extravagance EP. Five musical compositions that are firmly rooted in Chicago but offer much variety to the romanticized concept. G. Marcell’s beats hold true to his home town production ethos with sampling, beating arrangement, and spoken word. This aforementioned variety in sound brings great depth to this 12″. Judge for yourself as we get to the soundwaves:

Beatbr8ker///begins with lonely synth string arpeggios that lead into banging drum beats. Interesting movement is a constant as the arpeggiation continues to reinvent itself over and over like an acid line.

SubDivision///beating bassline and drums begin this journey. Marcell portrays great style in minimalist track arrangements as the samples offer the attention with relentless banging drums and bass.

2MinutePleasure///is an interlude that offers the filter sound of the 90’s.

She’s Fly (Lover Her Conversation Mix)///pulsating old beats begin as the bassline sounds in 12/4, spoken word is begun and piano melodies swirl around to make your head bounce.

UFuseDude///idiosyncratic melodies sound out as the drums move in the background. Droning pads ride underneath the surface as the bassline bounces with long notes.

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