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Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes have come up, I was planning to do a remix vinyl for at least a year. And finally the opportunity came up for me to get four reinterpretations from Chicago producers Chicago Skyway, G. Marcell, Ike Release, and Steven Tang. Their contributions expand the Jack Session with deep and rhythmic tunes that will rock from warehouse to boats.

Chicago Head (Chicago Skyway Remix)///The remix 12″ begins with hihats, melodies, and a train trip that explores the jack. Bouncing melodies accompany a story about life perceptions. The subtlies of the beats showcases Skyway’s drum programming.

Tender B (G. Marcell Tender Touch Remix)///The A side ends with classic G. Marcell percussion and drowning pads. Meanwhile the chords move in the background as a secondary broken kick pattern comes forth. The tune slowly builds and breaks as the kick drum pulsates.

Technicals (Ike Release Remix)///The B side begins with squelchy bass lines and some Murph Tone percussion sounds. Re-triggered percussion move around as the bass line continues to to tap the frequency spectrum to emotive rawness.

Tender B (Steven Tang Remix)///Ending the 12″ is a deep house jam that has the chord sound changed with a new bassline and string melody. Nice and deep is this tune.

Subtleties in music inspired the jack session album as the remixes follow this same ethos.  This is the conclusion of the  Murph Tone Jack Session.

Murph Tone Jack Session I

Murph Tone Jack Session II

Distributed by Crosstalk.



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Obsolete Music Technology


Number 003… Keeping the hot vinyl press churning is the 3rd edition of Machining Dreams by way of the Relapse EP by Obsolete Music Technology. Following on the heels of “The Verged Sessions” on Aesthetic Audio and his track, “Past Virtue” from the various artists’ compilation, Generator: Broadcast In Hi-Tech on Generator Records, Steven Tang of Emphasis Recordings goes into “Relapse” through his alter ego on this brand new 12” release.

This 12” single expresses some serious Chicago mojo, in that the crafting of the tunes fits quite right into the ethos of the Windy City, but in Tang’s unique way, destroying any preconceived notions of what the “Chicago” sound is or was; depending on your point of view. Nevertheless, the music raises deep emotion, touching you subconsciously through his signature instrumentation of warm synth pads, lush strings, and rolling bass lines.

As the chosen pseudonym may suggest, obsolete (outdated) technology was used to create this music. Yet, “Relapse” sounds current and timeless at the same time. Can we really believe that ONLY old instruments were used to materialize this work? Frankly it is insane to believe, but being this insane is good; in that you are in bliss and cannot explain what happened upon your eardrums. Go forth into the world of Obsolete Music Technology and experience firsthand a classic sound circa 2010…

Relapse: acid lines and obsolete drums phase in and out with stellar drum patterns that make you bob your head, followed about a syncopated melody line materialized from a distant dimension.

Drum Relapse: in the remix, drums that can be used to rock the most underground of parties.

Latency: begins, grooves, and then the long whispers of slow pads that beget the title.

End Pass: space is the place as the strings uplift you and deliver you to the kick drum upon you start your decent into the dreamy abyss of toms, snares, rides, and hats.

Relapse again and again and again, you know you want to!

Distributed by:

Crosstalk International Chicago

650 W. Lake St.

Chicago, IL 60661