I present Fire Bangs EP as the second release on G. Marcell’s TeknicolrMusic label. An ep that goes after the dancers while simultaneously following the Chicago ethos. Four tracks different style that are for the banging in which the turntable platter will be smoking… Judge for yourself as the clips below explain through soundwaves:

Beeper///Delay on the drums start as a raw synth melody enters to introduce a second line. Raw drum machine funk begins fire bangs.

Libdemo///Liberation demonstration starts with some sparse drums and percussion as an acid line goes through a thing. A chord floats and floats, as the drums continue to change, there is much give and take here, much call and response.

Fresh History///Acid banger that changes the downbeat timing of the line. The 808 rides out with a simple drum pattern as the line continues to start on a different beat.

SS///Fire bangs ends with a fast tune of shimmering percussion, jazzy chords, and a rolling bassline. Definitely doing damage to some dance floors as the crunchy beats ride out through the entire tune.

Beated in Chicago and distributed by Crosstalk.

hakim murphy

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