Christopher Rau decided to start a new label called Totally Together. This is a place where he can feature his various collaborations. This first one features three collaborators: Hakim Murphy, Nathan Jonson, and Mézique. This 12” is quite diverse due to different genres presented here, from straight up house to chunky techno to experimental beats.

Hakim Murphy & Christopher Rau – Flooz Hop///Percussion begins the tune as the feel turns mad bouncy and as time progresses the tune becomes fuller. A melody line appears which is complimented with some vocals that speak of magic carpet rides. The track continues to bounce as a filtered sample can be heard underneath the percussion.

Hakim Murphy & Christopher Rau – Again Agin///The baseline begins with a broken beat kick played over the top. The percussion starts very early and simultaneously a melody appears. The tune is moving as the elements continue to change. A synth stab then appears to add more electricity as the percussion swoons in and out causing for a type of climax that last into the conclusion.

NC17 (Nathan Jonson & Christopher Rau) – Gasonline Or Dettel///Broken beats begin the B side as the effects ride in the background. The syncopated horn pumps adding tension as more sounds add to the pandemonium. A more straight 4/4 beat comes in as the percussion continues to change. Little by little more elements are added in very subtlety. The horn stab then goes up a half step and then another half step and so on, later the horn stabs become sparse and an addition break beat is added to conclude the jam.

Mézique & Christopher Rau – Carrier///The 12” ends with very imaginative tune that has samples and scratches. The sparse percussion and scratching lead into a straight 4 to the floor beat. In the meantime many elements are put together in order to create suspension. As the tune beats a melody sprinkles in background. The kick only stays for a few moments as a happy chord melody ends up the tune and project.

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