Vanguard Sound Vol. 3
vs001 A side
Vanguard Sound Vol. 3
vs001 B side

Vanguard Sound vol. 3 is the maiden voyage of the Vanguard Sound Label. The “Mothership” is helmed by Dj./Producers Amir Alexander and Chris Mitchell of the “Vanguard Crew”. Fellow crew members include Hakim Murphy, G. Marcell, Dakini9 (Lola) and Dj. Spider.

The ep series continues with four high intensity bangers that kick ass and take names. Stripped down to the core essence, these tracks will bring that left of center otherworldly flavor to your sonic atmosphere.

Violence! – (Amir Alexander): Starts out with crunchy beats that hit like a baseball bat to the head. The bass line comes in with a thunderous roar. Rumbling frequencies incite urgent frenzy. The alarm tolls heralding the revolution! A vocal sample of Black Panther H. Rap Brown proclaims that “violence is as American as cherry pie”, and all hell breaks loose.

Limitations force everything! – (Chris Mitchell): Deep kicks and jacking snare patterns shift as the vaporous sonic miasma fills the air. Low frequency sweeps pull you closer as the synth occilations intensify. The track breaks as the acidic bass line morphs. The track builds as an alien synth energizes the track. Banging percussion increases as the soaring strings lead the way.

Tribal Mechanism! – (DJ Spider): Stuttering kicks lay the foundation as the percussion wastes no time in casting it’s hypnotic spell. The throbing pulse feels like the antimatter propusion unit of one of the ancient spacecraft the first human ancestors travelled to earth on many eons ago. Densely textured layers of sonic alchemy stoke the fires within the primal soul. The track grows and grows as the tech synth stabs enter the fray. Mystic rhythms coax you to reunite with your aboriginal self.

Creeper! – (Hakim Murphy): Disjointed bass kicks pound as an incideous synth groove spreads like a killer virus. Mutating and shapeshifting as the funk permiates your DNA. Soaring heights and sub level depths are attained as the “Creeper” spreads like cell division. Wreaking havok on dancefloors world wide.

The Vanguard continues to advance.

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