So Innerspace Halflife is back on remix duty for French deep house producer Anaxander on Dame-Music. Anaxander has a soulful approach to his production through lots of harmonies and chord stabs, so it was exciting for us to be a part of this project called You Saved My Soul (Brothers and Sisters) in which the title is and action often achieved by music. We took the harmonies and tried to arrange them to save some souls… You can decide for yourself, here are the sound samples:

Anaxander – You Saved My Soul (Brothers and Sisters)///Starts off as a break beat electro jam with its eerie long notes and chord stabs, then turns into a deep house beater with many different harmonic textures throughout the journey. As the tune moves in time the composition opens up into more harmonic textures just to come back to the broken beat feel.

Anaxander – You Saved My Soul (Brothers and Sisters) Innerspace Halflife Remix///On the refreak we bang the chords and add some classic Innerspace Halflife drum programing. Later an acid line comes in to join the filtered chords as the tune open ups more reverb and delay is heard in the percussion. The acid line becomes the focus as the tune beats.

Available at:




Review at DJ Mag

hakim murphy

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