So ending 2010 off on a note of musical reflection, I present a cd called Retrospective Computation, in this project I decide to get some of my older tracks circulating into the world. Mastered by Steven Tang and first released at Smartbar during the Machining Dreams release party on 12/15/10, this cd is from a former time; a time where my sound was raw. This cd retraces my psyche and sound; please enjoy the tunes and prose below.

Paradox: is moving and moving, spreading the word of musical love through tones and spirits but yet not. The track begins with with a drums that progress into a combination of words, melodies, and rhythms: Enjoy Our Music!

Randomness: is a traditonal acid joint that I created using some randomly found melody and bass lines. Chunky drums for those who like to rock the underground warehouse parties.

Bouncing: sweet sounding melodies moving around with a bit of long delay, making the people say: Get Funky, Get Down!

Subliminal: bouncing bass lines and mini filters make this track move, well I guess we’ll give props to the syncopated hand-claps and rolling closed hi-hats as well.

Ugly Function: solid subsonic bass rolls as playful chords and melodies makes this track move and move, guaranteed to give your eardrums a workout as they tell your brain to dance.

E-ffects2: emotional chords with a happy melody line and harsh loop; loaded with filters, oscillators, reverb, and delay lends this piece its name.

Madget: a maddening group of instruments made in May during the 90’s inspired by a party induced night. This is the results of 6 straight hours of work.

Lounge Train: keeping it house and having fun with a seriously filtered baseline with some programmed Chicago closed hi-hats make me smile and bob my head every time.

Rehab Center: originally made for a rehab center in my mind, peaks and valleys of the melody and drum patterns are metaphors for addiction.

I will continue to be passing out the tunes for a year to peeps I meet along the way, look out for several new 12″s in 2011. /// Happy New Decade!


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