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Nowar has been snapping recently with the first two releases off this Belgian deep house label.  The Parkwalker and Dujin&Douglas with a Baaz remix is currently rocking the deep house scene.  Inbum and I one day decided to create a track called Nothing and it came out super organic, Franco Cangelli heard this and got Dubbyman to do a remix.  This record is super deep, it’s continues to be for the heads.  Let’s move forward and bring in the new decade with some new deep house….

One sheet pros below:

For the third Nowar release, Chicago house producers Hakim Murphy and Inbum Cho team up for this beautifully organic trip into deep grooves and lullaby melodies on a steady deep house rhythm.  Sweet strings, gentle melodic rhodes chords and a bassline that will get you hooked instantly.  It’s an armchair staring-at-the-nightsky house essential! Hakim Murphy is no stranger to proper house music. He already has some quality timeless releases out on Metamorphic, Planet Detroit and Synapsis Records which he runs with Inbum Cho. On remix duty we find the Spanish grandmaster of deep, Madrid’s Dubbyman. With a string of quality releases under his belt on various labels such as his very own Deep Explorer, Dpress Industries and Yore Records, he is definitely the perfect match remixwise for this project. He skillfully preserves the organic touch of the original while adding his own brand of deepness with beautiful strings, echoing vocals, building further on the melodic side of the original to come up with a sexy and essential deep house gem that will call for the spin of your turntable. Next to the sound, the record sleeve is a beauty you simply don’t want to miss out on.

Nothing: Long weeping strings begin this journey into deepness followed by some jazzy chords and melody lines that tells a story of deep and smooth movement.  Flexing the woofer cones back and forth in order to transmit the story of nothingness.  All of a sudden, there is nothing then bounds of plentiful sound frequencies.

Nothing (Dubbyman Remix): Hola Dubbyman, he snapped with a killer remix that explains “you can’t take my baby!” The percussion is beating as the chords stab you slowly and slowly eat away at your soul, exposing you to the warmness of the tones.  Hints of the original floating around this remix, but yet is totally deep in another way.  Gracias!

FGA vzw, label NOWAR – / Mobile +32 474 97 26 05

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