I am back with a 12″ on Mindshift Records with remixes from DJ Spider and Murdoc called Chiffre. I serve up two tracks that are emotive and syncopated yet tough and deep. Meanwhile the two remixers add much flavor with Spider’s techno rhythms and dystopian words along side Murdoc’s steady beats and commentary about the music industry.

Tegel E///Basically composed at Tegel airport in Berlin, the bassline begins a rhythmic assault in the key of E followed by sparse drums hits. Later a lead comes in to join the conversation of rhythmic language. Suddenly the two main parts stop and warm pads start to lead a listener back to all the elements of the tune.

Nabodoni(DJ Spider Remix)///Jazzy percussion and a syncopated synth introduce a classic Spider bassline. The drama continues as the bassline stays in the forefront meanwhile the synths keep ringing in the background. Then a vocal sample talks about a dystopian future. Hardcore beats right here.

Vatitio(Murdoc Remix)///Thick drums sound out with chords following quickly, track elements move around that leads us into vocal sample about the music industry. Thick and juicy, the track beats until its conclusion.

Gansta Glide///Ends the piece with 7th chords and sparse percussion. A very syncopated feel is present as the bassline drops and a lead synth joins the fray of sounds. Gliding rhythms continue to interchange the spotlight, cause head bobbing motion.

Here is the one sheet from the label copy:

Chiffre opens with “Tegal E”, boasting strong kicks, intricate percussion, fierce bass lines and a haunting synth lead which introduces the listener to Hakim’s deep cerebral textures, patterns, and rhythms. Up next, a remix of “Nabodani” by DJ Spider takes things to the next level with heartthrob kicks, jazzy percussion loops, and menacing soundscapes.

Opening the B-side, we have Murdoc’s remix of “Vatitio”, a smooth rendition of the original featuring winding bass lines, unique synth pads and rhythmic pauses throughout the progression of the track. Concluding the release is the final track, titled “Gangsta Glide”; a strong composition returning us full-circle, back to Hakim’s dreamlike spheres of heightened reality.

Well rounded EP with three distinct styles in which the house and techno line is blurred. Chiffre is born.

Distributed by at Crosstalk.



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Review from Resident Advisor.

Mindshift Records

hakim murphy

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