Murph Tone Jack Session

Yeah, Synapsis Records is back with another project from myself called Murph Tone Jack Session. Specifically made for those afterhour, loft/warehouse party moments where the new music is exposed. Banging raw cuts that are sure to rock the spot with tight drums and crazy synth work. I made this as an eight track album, but I decided to split into two 12″s so I can drop this onto society. Welcome to my vision of what the underground stands for through my Chicago perspective, here are the sound samples:

Smack Sessions///I begin this journey with dirty percussion and syncopated rhythms in which a bass note is featured. This tune takes you on an escapade of syncopated feels with lots of call and response.

Technicals///A wild synth line begins as shimmering procession sounds in the background. The focus continually changes between the drums and the synth rhythms, this tune will definitely take you on a nice ride.

Flavor Aide///Compress kicks begin as a droning melody line sounds and is quickly followed by a neo acid line. It is quite easy to get lost in the mix in this one as the elements change ever so slightly; establishing mad flavor.

Unit Movement///To end this 12″, comes an slightly playful improvised bass line that leads us to some deep chords and a melody line. Meanwhile percussion jumps around in the background as another synth sound stabs your ear. Yes all elements are cohesive enough to move as a unit.

Look for Murph Tone Jack Session II in the summer of 2013.

Distributed by Crosstalk.



hakim murphy

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