Planet Detroit is proud to present the 2nd EP from Chicago based artist Hakim Murphy. Hakim has been busy since his last Planet Detroit release. Space Impediment was licensed for a Dan Curtin Cd on Tuning Spork and then more hot vinyl pieces materialized: Wiggles EP on Metamorphic with a Marc Schnieder remix, Two Takes EP with Avondale Music Society and a various artist project called Timeless Chicago EP on Synapsis.  The latest heat also on Metamorphic called Black Robots Having Sex EP with a Morgan Geist remix is burning up record stores and crates.  Now it is time for the Digital vs. Analog EP. This four track release speaks to Hakim’s ability to tell a story using soundwaves. Each track will take you on a different journey. The true question lies, which tracks are digital and which are analog? Enjoy!

April Bang: Is a spaced out banger born one year in April. The track starts out with some tweaked out chords and base that proceeds to move around for the next five minutes. The sound effects sound like you are in a starship battle in which you got involved in traveling to a world filled with electronic rhythms.

The Document: How do you write down bouncing synths, driving drums, with Techno and old school House principals? The Document is this realization. The quarky drums and secondary synth line does the nasty to your inner-ear hairs.

Lilly Dally: Have you ever been cruising on the expressway in a convertible car drinking lemonade? This is the feeling of this track. The Housey bass and Jazzy chords really bring warmth to the frequencies being broadcasted to your brain. Definitely a track for the cats who like old sounding deep house.

Transitions: A tribute to deepness, the synth chords and piano bass start you on your journey. The story begins and then picks up when the drum seamlessly move around and the Sh-101 begins to speak in the background. The message of this moment in time, epiphanize!

For information on where to buy this release contact: admin@planetdetroit.net or hakimmurphy@yahoo.com

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