New Roots

So the flurry of upcoming releases begins with this advanced copy in stamp white label form. It is from Florida based record label Finale Sessions, and is called New Roots EP. In this offering there is a split EP between Amir Alexander and Hakim Murphy. We present four tracks that explore the deepness of house. There will be a full label release in the early fall but you can grab the stamp copies now, if you like the underground white label style.

We’ll begin with the Amir Alexander side in which he brings some deep funk as he starts A1 with the tune Eyes Open Mouth Shut:

This tune begins with a neo-acid line as the ambiance moves in the background, and bassline appears to grow and grow. The chords emerge to help you along the journey of the deep.

Up next is Bittersweet Memories:

Longing chords and delay begin the tune as the bass suddenly appears.  An emotive feeling is portrayed as a melody appears and syncopates over the top. This track is what I call warm.

Hakim Murphy is holding down the B side with two of his deeper bangers. B1 is Hazey Plains In Time:

Stopping kicks and bass begin as the long strings appear and build up to some tough drums. Meanwhile a synth line pops up and moves around for effect. Deep and subsonic are good adjectives for this one.

To finish the release is Chill:

The tune slowly builds with a kick, as percussion strikes, pads start to phase as a synth line begins a give and take with the pads. Energy builds up; so please end joy the ride.


Available now at:



Pre-sale here:




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