Ambidextrous to Amphibious

Mentha Records calls on the services of Hakim Murphy to rock a record titled Ambidextrous to Amphibious. The four track 12” illustrates Murphy’s ability to create different styles, tempos, and textures with techno, beatdown, acid, and a jazzy tune all presented on this one record.

Sickness///A kick drum begins this adventure with a sparking synth arp that grooves throughout the tune. The arp contains a melody and bass, creating great counterpoint action. Then the strings appear, meanwhile the another melody line appears from time to time. The strings and melody play off each other that emanating a sparkling feel.

Spaceness///A deep bass line begins as whispers echo sparsely and the hihats continue to strike. A longing melody line appears while the vocals sound. Slowly building up with chords, more percussion, and an arp line the frequency spectrums swells into a nicely baked palette of sounds. After all the instruments are introduced the tune has goes between all the elements giving attention to different parts. “Making moves with tender tones.”

Merge///The B side begins with an acid banger, as the percussion goes and a hihat enters to introduce the acid line. The line modulates and modulates and modulates creating a serious groove. The tom drum rings, the percussion subconsciously grabs the attention as it continues to change through out the tune. The two elements never leave each other throughout the duration of the track but move together like butter.

Panty Hose Silences///A long pad and a kick drum begins the last tune of the release. The percussion slowly builds into a jazzy piano riff that is complimented by a bassline. The elements continue to move together and then an arp line is added. Sounding like some bubbles in your ear, it takes of the track for a few moments until the piano and bass come back to say hello. The pads come back a little later as the tune moves around, smashing together a jazzy and techno feel until the conclusion.

Ambidextrous to Amphibious

Distributed: Juno


Disco Piu




Groove Distribution