Stamped Sleeve
mdreamscd003 stamped sleeve

Ah yes, 2012 is here, live and direct; I have come up upon a philosophy that when I went to classify it simply appeared as Deconstruction. Just decided to get straight to the essence of my music, using minimal drum patterns while pulling on your emotions with tender efx tweaks. Trying to make the music grow through the use of slight instrument articulation. This album was done in two weeks as I needed to get the whole idea out to merge beatdown with jack tracks. But yet also my tonal commentary about the contemporary situation of human society, as I get older things become slower and clearer; ha slowmotion just for a change of pace for me as I welcome you to check my album D:E:C:O:N:S:T:R:U:C:T:I:O:N on Machining Dreams.

Freedom//To do yourself, to create something that is unique to you. So I open with a beat track to say what time it is.

Awaken//Now let’s begin with a dense chord accompanied by a dirty synth.

Underground//Marches on with the drum studder as a synth line rocks with sparse tones appearing to add texture. More drums appears as the synth morphs into the brightness. There is so much light in the underground but unfortunately on few get to shine out.

Essence Synthesis//Slowly creeps into you with a pad adventure that builds and fades away, trying to channel my subconscious out to this 3D existence. Feel the essence if you would…as I would hope more people will develop empathy for their fellow man.

Sensory//Overdrived chords hit your ears first, and suddenly some toms come to make you bounce. Then later the strings and acid grabs you from the hypnosis to test your sensory abilities.

Reborn//Melody lines great you gently, while the claps come harsh as they begin the rhythmic movement into the synth line. The synth being the main focus is in continually fluctuation, hence, being reborn.

Arise//A public service announcement with a deep beating groove, but check the word and peep your surroundings.

Societies//The acid comes out and bounces around; very slowly, as the acid lines serves as a metaphor to the so elusive societal changes throughout the world.

Get the cd here:

Furthermore, I have created a book that I started when I was in Japan last year and which began as just a few poems, and now developed into a full book that includes photographs and illustrations.  The cd was made to compliment my self published book called Transduction of D:e:c:o:n:s:t:r:u:c:t:i:o:n. My poems focus on societal issues and is meant to awaken people’s third eye so that they can gain awareness of what’s going on in their particular situations. In general I am happy to finish this project as I really could express myself with a minimalist method that just gets to the points of my ideas.

Transduction of D:e:c:o:n:s:t:r:u:c:t:i:o:n
Transduction of D:e:c:o:n:s:t:r:u:c:t:i:o:n

Get it here:

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