Darkness EP
sb004 A Side
Darkness EP
sb004 B Side

Sound Black Recordings is proud to present a 12″ from Hakim Murphy called Darkness EP. This three track experience dives deep into the Chicago ethos, specifically made for underground jocks who like to bang jack tracks. Warehouse, grimey loft images are portrayed as Murphy manifests his feelings of industry and rawness within this project. Articulation of this statement through the sound examples:

Mad///begins with shuffling hihats and longing chords as the deep bassline groove moves so smoothly. Tensions are flaring as the melodies appear and re-appear on this journey of deep rhythm.

Dark Peace///is deep acid house as a synth stab begins the journey, phazed out chords appear, percussion sets off as the bassline opens to a fuller melody. Traveling with the back beat, one runs into a vortex of new tones in the center that leads right back to the beginning phrases in this etching.

Muffintop Dreams///jack tracks all day right here, hitting 606 and 707 drums bang out with a SH-101 whispering through the beats. 10 minutes of rawness ensues as the beats thump and the same but different feelings are materialized.

Shouts to all the jacks who like to jack in the dark.

Available at:



Word and Sound


Red Eye

K Records

Jet Set

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