SS009 side A
SS009 side A
SS009 B side
SS009 side B

In the beginning of 2015 Vanguard Sound crew is back with a new slab of wax on Sublevel Sounds. Vanguard Sound Vol. 5 materializes with tunes that range from dark to moody to acid to jack. DJ Spider, Dakini9, Amir Alexander, and myself contribute to this volume for the wax.

DJ Spider – Democide///The vinyl begins with a bouncing chords and a vocal about tyranny, followed by some cinematic strings and signature Spider percussion. Later, more vocals come in this time in Japanese to add to the ambiance. The tune continues to move forward with its crunchy textures while tones move in to full up the spectrum.

Dakini9 – Delphinus///Drums and effects begin as a percussion line echoes, introducing a dark bass line. The feeling is very somber as the arrangement moves forward and the interplay between the percussion and the bass line continues. Suddenly, a chord progress comes in to add a brief moment of happiness with angelic voices in the background which is offset by a sinister laugh. The chord progression makes a come back and rides out until the end of the tune.

Amir Alexander – Return of the Zombie!///909 kick drums begin as the acid line sounds and starts the business of modulating. The rides stands out as the rest of the 909 set appears. The acid line becomes more intense, as the arrangement changes, as this is an acid jam with minimal instrumentation capturing the feel of the acid forefathers.

Hakim Murphy – Flash Mob///Formally on a Plan B cd that premiered at DEMF and now making a vinyl appearance in 2015. As the name suggests this tune starts with some tones and beats; then many chords, bass notes, and much percussion show up out of nowhere to fill up the feel. Suddenly a long melody pass sounds as the bass line moves. Changing percussion makes the tune move and as quickly as it begins it ends with just a chord progression.

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