Perhaps it is always summertime in San Francisco with its elaborate micro climates due to the mountains the city lies on, the urbaness plus the geographical location has made for interesting culture throughout the years. From the aforementioned city, Ghosts on Tape produces a sunshine heater 12″ with Innerspace Halflife taking in remix duty on the Icee Hot label. Three tunes with two tough banging originals that all will bang dance floors, personified by moving percussion and thick beats, meanwhile, filling the sound spectrum full of frequencies. This project called Only Now/Snake box will be smashing bass bins at a club, park, porch or home near you. Check the tunes below and listen to the beats:

Only Now///The story begins with a synth stab loop that starts to breath and live as time goes pass. More percussion arrives, building up tension, a vocal sample moves forward to a beating synth melody. Energy packed from beginning to end with a slight pause off to introduce the second half of the tune.

Snake Box///Side b, begins with solid percussion and ambiance, the sound effects sprinkle and the vocal sample pulsates. The kick drops and the rolling thunder begins. Chords sound, as the volume increases with crescendo affected deep in your soul. Moving, moving, and more moving, tearing up the floor as it progresses.

Only Now (Innerspace Halflife Remix)///Ending the 12″ is the our remix with emotive chords (filtering), banging kicks, that bring out the jack. The synth stab comes in and begins the driving force, continuously building steam as the sound oscillates. Suddenly the voice comes in as most of the elements drop out, and then back again.

A contemporary banger…


Fact Magazine

Distributed by Rubadub




hakim murphy


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