New Dutch label called Another Earth is debuting now with a split EP as its first release. Esther Duijn is the label owner and she is also featured on the B side of this release, teamed up with her partner Steady Douglas. The A side features techno head Myles Sergé. This music here is leaning toward that techno sound with house sensibilities. Here is the prose from the label:

There is a new label under the horizon and it’s first imprint is all about warm heavy Detroit influenced deep techno. Another Earth combines 2 acts together in a Split EP series who compliment each others sound. The A-side hosts the renowned US based producer, Myles Sergé (MS – RE(FORM) ), who, for these 2 tracks, let his machines run crazy beat patterns in a old school Detroit techno vibe. The B-side features Dutch based duo Duijn & Douglas (Esther Duijn & Steady Douglas). Their stripped warm heavy padded deep techno influenced tracks are perfect for creating some heat on the dance floor and the B2, Stray, is driven by Berenice van Leer’s lush intense voice.

Myles Sergé – The Art of Shadow Thoughts///Ambient sounds begin as percussion strikes, creating a very eerie effect. The percussion slowly builds establishing the groove, first the hats, then the rides, and finally the toms ring out. Later a chord progression appears that is supported by the eerie pad that began the track. The elements move around until the conclusion.

Myles Sergé – Lunokhod 1///A straight beater as the tune has a heavy kick and severely syncopated rhythm. The percussion builds and builds as track moves forward gaining momentum all the while. Definitely one for the peak time hours as the rides picks up the tempo even further. Then machine sounds appear sounding like a factory robot that does the same job over and over that adds flavor to track. Some proper techno right here.

Duijn&Douglas – Bizar///The B side begins with a smoldering sound of pumping kicks, bass, and a chord stab. This tune is more on the dub techno tip. Subtly the chords and the hihats grow in volume. The percussion growing every so gently just to lead us to the main theme. The chords and percussion are modulating in harmony as the track grooves. The pulsating chords get fuzzier with each new go around of the theme until the closure.

Duijn&Douglas feat. Berenice – Stray///Tuned percussion end this 12” with its banging kick and droning voice of Berenice. A beautiful melody comes in as Berenice begins to sing, a few moments later a house bassline appears to give it that warm feel. All the elements then come together and groove. The interplay between the elements move fluidly as the track maintains a bouncy feel until the culmination.

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